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Pollen tube is required for the production of


For the First Time, Research on Nerve Cells Was Carried Out on this organism


Sperm Lysin, the Enzymatic Substance Produced by Sperms in Mammals is Known as


Generally, Translocation of Gibberellins is Non-Polar Occurring through


Beetroot, If Kept in Cold Water, anthocyanin does Not Come Out Due to Plasma Membrane


Uricotelism is Found in


This Structure of the Plant Cell is Non-Living


All seed plants are


Atretic Follicles Occur in


What is the other name for Bovine spongiform encephalopathy?

The Correct Sequence of Taxonomic Categories is:


Vertebrates are


Cooking Starch in Moist Conditions may


Which of the following is not a common genus of green algae?


What is the typical mode of development for birds and mammals?


They catalyze biological reactions in the form of enzymes


Keel is the Characteristics Feature of the Flower of_______.


During Ecological Succession, Types and Numbers of animals Remain Constant


Which of the following is a heterosporous pteridophyte?


The Difference between C3 and C4 Pathway is


In electron transport chain, one pair of electrons passing from NAD reduced to oxygen produces


The Stimulation of a Muscle Fibre by a Motor Neuron Occurs at the


Phanerogams without the Ovaries are


Production of Bioethanol is through Fermentation of ________ and Starch Components


Which of the following birds cannot fly?


Half-Inferior Ovary and Perigynous Flowers are Present in


An input of energy is required for which one of the following?


This is Not a Function of Gibberellins


Lysosomes contain enzymes capable of


Thyroid Disorders are often Mistaken for this Condition.

Which of these studied mitosis in animal cells?


10.Which of the Following is the Product of Both Osmoregulator and a Nitrogenous?


Which of the Following is Necessary for Chemiosmosis?


Which of the following is used in cheese production


This is a Characteristic Feature of Fishes


Which of the following is not a kingdom in the five-kingdom system of classification?


This is not a prion disease


Regulation of Cells’ Activity Takes Place through


Which of these is mismatched?


Sliding theory States that


The Blood is Transported to the Liver by Hepatic Portal Vein from which Part of the Body?


The Primary Endosperm Nucleus is


Among the Energy Values of Nutrients, 9.3 Calories is that of


An adult human being has a total of 32 permanent teeth, which are of four types. they are called


Which of the following is a viral disease?


It is the oldest vascular plants


The Basis of Phenetic Classification is


The antibody-Dependent Cytotoxicity is Seen in ________.


Which of the following produce flowers?


The Condition of Monoecious is Found in


Which of these Plants will Lose their Economic Value If Its Fruits are as a Result of induced Parthenocarpy?


Mammalian Pinna is Supported by ________.


The Fluid Sample Required for Performing the Amniocentesis Test is ________.


Which of the following is the method of asexual reproduction in Chlamydomonas?


What is the first stage of the gametophyte in mosses?


Colchicine Arrests Cell Division at


The CH Bond of Food in Cellular Respiration is Disintegrated through


The Graafian Follicle Regresses to this After Ovulation


Which of the following are products of light reaction?


Who Stated this theory – organ in Use will Develop and If Not used will Weaken to Turn Vestigial


Which of the Following is a Pair of Biofertilizers?


Penicillium Camemberti and Penicillium Roqueforti are Known for


Collared, Flagellated Cells that Cover Large Parts of the inner Chambers of Sponges, Helping Water Circulation to Continue are


Mammals can Drink Water and Also Derive It from


This is the chief principle of Dialysis

The Function of Pusule in Dinoflagellate is


Adenine is a


Which of these is nondigestible by man


Which of the following diseases is not caused by fungi?


Which of the following features is not shared by prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells?


The fungal body consists of thread-like structures called:


Which of the following established five kingdom system of the living organisms?


This Happens During Spermatogenesis


Seminiferous Tubules Develop Central Lumen After


In the seeds of leguminous plants, food is stored in the


The Substitute for the Newly Collected Specimen When the original Type Material is Missing in a Herbarium is Entitled as


This can Cause a Steeper Cline


During Catabolism of Amino Acids, the Release of the Amino Group is Known as


Which of the following is reduced if the leaves are succulents in the succulent plants?


Unicellular Eukaryotes are Grouped in


This accurately does not describe Lymphatic filariasis


A Few Protists Possess Structures to Regulate their Water Content. they are


The elimination of bacteria from a medium is called


Glyceraldehyde is one of the


Which is the largest group of Pteridophytes?


Ulothrix Produces


Algae are Further Classified into Different Classes Based on which of the Following Characteristics?


Where there is alternation of generation, the diploid multicellular plant is called


Fret Channels are associated with _________


Unicellular blue-green algae reproduce by


Man can now be saved from fatal diseases by using


This Statement is incorrect About Mitochondrial Membrane


This Process is Functional in Removing Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere


This Plant Propagation Technique Uses Girdling


In Men, this is Genetically dominant


The structure of a protein can be denatured by


A 35-Years-Old Female Present to the Hospital with Symptoms of Sudden onset of Pain in the anterior Neck Spreading to the Jaw from the Past 2 Days. other than these Symptoms, She Also Reported A Full Recovery from ‘A Cold A Week Ago’. which of the Following Findings are Not Consistent with Her Diagnosis.


Staminodes are Commonly Found in?


What is the storage carbohydrate of brown algae?


The Everyday Dietary Requirement of an Average Adult Active Moderately is Approximately


Which of these is Not a Lipid?


The zygote in moss plant divides and produces


DNA Polymerase Synthesizes

Which is the Example of Slime Mould?


The Condition Wherein there is No Enough Food in a Region to Feed People is Known as ______.


Cancer is Related to


Regulation of the Lac Operon can be Envisioned as Regulation of Enzyme Synthesis by Its


Who proposed the five-kingdom classification system?


Sporophyte generation produces


Meiosis (reduction division) in moss plant occurs


Apoptotic Bodies can be Recognized with the Presence of these on the Surface


The linkages between two monosaccharides is called


Which of the following is the character of insect pollinated flowers?


This Has the Largest Number of Chromosomes


Appropriate Use of Cow Dung is Made in


At the end of the Krebs cycle, most of the energy removed from the glucose molecule has been transferred to


Which of the following would occur when a plant cell is packed in a fluid with high osmotic concentration than the cell sap?


This is Correct About Epithelial Tissue


Find the incorrect Match

Which of the following is mismatched?


In which of the following, flowers are sessile and crowded together on a short axis?


Which of the following properties is incorrect for both mitochondria and chloroplast


What is the main use of pteridophytes?


__________ is a Connecting Link between Gymnosperms and angiosperms


Mycorrhiza is association of


What is the name given to the infectious living fluid present in viruses?


Which of these is the naturally occurring auxins?


In Gymnosperms, the Ovules Typically are


This Macromineral is Essential for the Synthesis of insulin


This is the Wavelength of infrared Radiations


Region of earthworm that is a forest of nephridia is


This Part of the Autonomic Nervous System Provides the Body with Energy for the Fight-Or-Flight Response


This is an Example of Fat


Conjugation as a Mode of Reproduction is Present in


Morels and truffles are


In Man, Cryptorchidism is the Condition When


This can cause Hepatitis


One End of Trna Matches Genetic Code in Three-Nucleotide Sequences Known as


What do spores in liverworts germinate into?


Which of these belong to the phylum nematoda?


Entamoeba Histolytica can be Cultured in


Which of the following has stored food in the form of sugars?


This is an Example of Non-Polluting Renewable Type of Energy


Which of the following is not true of zygospore of Rhizopus?


Glycolysis is the Conversion of


Which of the following releases greatest amount of energy


In 1981, the First Bioherbicide Developed Was Based on


A Bottle Filled with Previously Moistened Mustard Seeds and Water Was Screw-Capped Tightly and Placed in a Corner. After 30 Minutes, It Suddenly Blew Up. this is the Process involved


Double Fertilization is Due to the Fusion of


Meiosis (reduction division) in moss plant occurs


The Stem of the Cycas is a source of Edible Starch Known as


This Virus, for the First Time, Was Synthesized in the form of Non-Living Crystals


Distance between twist of DNA molecule is


This About Ecological Succession is incorrect


Composition of Bone Marrow is_______.


Predators Suppression of Prey Declines with the increasing Impact of Prey on the Next Lower Trophic Level Such as the Impact of Herbivores on Plants – this is


Macromolecule Chitin is


The Relative Contribution of Various Greenhouse Gases to total Global Warming will Not be

In the Krebs cycle oxaloacetic acid reacts with


Light reaction of photosynthesis occurs in


Which type of asexual reproduction is most common in green algae?


Which Part of the Ear Has No Role to Play in Hearing but is Very Important?


What is the name of the plant body that produces gametes by mitosis?


This is used in the Preparation of Alcohol


Histamine is Secreted by


What is the first stage of the gametophyte in mosses?


Which of these is not a lipid


Salivary Glands are Absent in


Which class of animals has the characteristic of external ears or pinnae?


The process by which homologous chromosomes being to pair with each other is called.


This is True About Secondary Succession


This is the reason why diagnosing tuberculosis is turning challenging


Phosphoglyceride is Made Up of


Which of the following is not a characteristic feature of angiosperms?


In the conversion of Pyruvic acid to acetyl coenzyme A, Pyruvic acid is


Which of the following is not a mode of nutrition in bacteria?


This part serves as a kidney in Dialysis


How may membranes comprise the nuclear envelop?


One of the Most Commonly used Fermented Cereal Amongst these is


Which of the Following Events is Likely to Take Place, If the Nuclei from an 8-Celled Stage of an Embryo are Transplanted into Enucleated Eggs?


Spiral thickenings of the walls of cells occur in


Which of the following is not a characteristic feature of viruses?


This is a Cellular totipotency Property.


Species very near to Extinction if Conservation measures are Promptly Not take up are


Which of the following is enlarged resting cell with thickened walls, large food reserve and DNA?


This is the common factor between housefly, anopheles and cockroach


This Cleanup Approach includes Removal of Groundwater or soil from Its Natural Setting to Permit for Bioremediation


Nitration of benzene is Carried Out by which of the Following Reactive Species?

Placoid Scales are Found in


The hyphae of Rhizopus are


Yeast Produces an Enzyme Complex, which is Responsible for Fermentation. which is the Enzyme Complex?


Which one Represents the Regulative Function of forests?


The Tissue that Provides Maximum Mechanical Strength to the Plant is


If Gene Frequency between Genes a and C is 2%; B and C is 13%; B and D 4%; a and B 15%; C and D 17 and a and D 19%. the Sequence of Genes in a Chromosome is


Man can now be saved from fatal diseases by using


Rhizopus is


Gas Molecules Absorbing thermal infrared Radiation and Present in Large Quantity to Change the Climate System is Known as


When the Count of White Blood Cells Drops below the Optimum Level of Blood It is Known as ________?


This can Eradicate Polio


For Cloning, Restriction Enzymes with Sticky Ends are used for


Which of the following is not a characteristic of living organisms?


Except this, all others enter through the dermal route


The Gastric Glands are Situated in this Layer of the Stomach


The Four Small Glands in the Thyroid Gland are Known as


This Has a Smaller intestine


What is the End Product of Glycolysis?


In Women, this Sexually Transmitted Disease can Result in infertility


What is the name given to the life cycle pattern in which the diploid sporophyte is the dominant, photosynthetic, independent phase of the plant?


Before Pyruvate Enters the Krebs Cycle, the Connecting Link between Krebs Cycle and Glycolysis is Changed to


Which of the following is not true of the exudation of water?


This can Stimulate Cytochrome Release from Mitochondria


Human Blood Types in the ABO Blood Group are Identified by


In Selaginella sperms are transported to the egg through


Transgenic Crop Developed to tolerate Herbicides is


This is Not a First-Line Option for Pharmacological Treatment of Gout


The male gametophyte of an angiosperm consists of


Pick the Pair that is incorrectly Matched


Which of the following is a characteristic feature of ascomycetes?


If the Cell Stimulation is Strong, then the Strength of the Action Potential Produced Would be ______.


In a eukaryotic cell, the Krebs cycle and electron transport chain take place


Integumented mega sporangium in which megaspore is retained is called


Rbcs Present in the Blood of a Person Residing at Higher Altitudes


Transduction Was Discovered by


Both Geitonogamy and Autogamy are Prevented in


This is True of the Population which are included in Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium


These Many Plants Among Salvia, Sesbania, Mustard, indigofera, Aloe, Allium, Groundnut, Turnip, and Radish Gram Possess Stamens with Diverse Lengths in their Flowers


What is the Person with these Symptoms Suffering from? Outbursts of Emotions, Unpredictable Moods, Quarrelsome behaviour, Conflicts with others


In the Human Eye, the Photosensitive Compound is Composed of


Ulva is


Which of the following character of living things is found in viruses?


The Control and Regulation of Biological Processes involve some Enzymes. they are Known as


Cytokinins stimulate cell


Viruses which Cause Lysis of Bacteria are Known as


The Eye of Octopus and the Eye of Cats Show Different Patterns of Structure, Yet they Perform Similar Functions. this is an Example of


Lymph Differs from Blood in Having


Food can be preserved when pH of the medium is


Which of the Following is a Common Feature of Plastids and Mitochondria?


A Characteristic Feature, which is Present only in the Phylum Coelenterata is


What is the Sequence in which organic Compounds are used by the Body During Prolonged Fasting


A virus that can reproduce without killing its host is called


What is the End Product of Glycolysis?

Which of these is not the mammalian character?


Which of the Following is Not a Biofertilizer?


Which of the following causes sleeping sickness?


The Protistan Genome Has


Pick the Set of beneficial insects to Man


The Species Causing White Rust of Cruciferae Has A Botanical Name, It is


This Statement About Epithelial Tissue is incorrect


The Hormone Secretin Triggers ______.


___________ are Released in the Respiratory Burst Having the Potent of Cell-Killing Ability


What is the Consequence of a Change in the Genetic Diversity


If a short-day plant is grown under conditions of long nights and short days and the dark period is interrupted in the middle by a brief exposure to red light, the plant will


Cytotoxic T Cells Destroy the Target Cells

Which of these does the Chemical Classification of Hormones Exclude?


Which one of the following properties are shared by photosynthesis and aerobic respiration?


Which of the following is not a type of angiosperm?


Which of the following protozoans lives in the gust termites and helps them digest cellulose?


The shrinkage of protoplasm due to ex-osmosis of water from the cell is called


This is used in the Preparation of Alcohol


Rupturing of _________ Causes the Dehiscence of Moss Capsule


This Statement Regarding angina is True


Oxidative Phosphorylation is the Production of?


Artiodactyla include


Asexual Reproduction in Rhizopus is by the formation of_______.


Antibodies are


Meiosis in Dryopteris/Pteridophytes Occurs at this Time


A Chromosome is the Thickest During


Which of the Following Nucleotide Contains only Ribose Sugar and Not Deoxyribose?

The Full form of PFA is


In double fertilization, one sperm cell fertilizes the egg cell to form a zygote, while the other sperm cell:


This is an incorrect Statement


Pick the Wrongly Matched Pair


In the Plasma Membrane, Glycolipids are Usually Situated in


Which of the following pair is incorrect?


Organ of Defense in Protozoans is


Lactose Found in Milk is a Disaccharide Composed of


Possessing Four Appendages When Comparing Mammals with Birds is


Application of ________ can Delay Abscission of Fruits and Leaves at Early Stages


Germination of seed involves the rupturing of seed coat because of


The Fungi which Derive their Food Directly from Dead organic Matter are Known as


A hormone that controls closure of stomata in response to water stress is


Protein Storing Plastid is


Which of the Following is Made of Dead Cells?


Elephants are included in


Which of the Following Species Lack Plastids?


Amanita is


What is the name of the male strobilus in gymnosperms?


What is the Outer Covering of the Epiphytic Root Called?


This is the correct definition for Dialysis


Red Blood Cells that do Not Contain Either a or B antigens on their Surface are Normally Found in the Person with Blood Type


It is much more uniform habitat and better supplied with nutrients


Who is known as the “Father of Taxonomy”?


Formation of a Chemical Bond Results in


Which of the Following Differentiates Pteridophytes from Bryophytes and Thallophytes?


What causes scrapie in sheep?


Pick the Correct Match


Animals Eating Own Faecal Matter are


In some of the Liverworts, Spore Dispersal is Aided by


Cholodny-Went theory is Based on________.


Mesophyll Tissue of Pinus Needle is Composed of


The osmotic pressure of a solution


what Happens to the Cell, When the Excess Amount of Water Passes Out from the Tissues of the Kidney without Restoration?


Which of the following is a characteristic feature of monocots?


Reduction of NADP+ to NADPH is Seen in


Which of the Following is an incorrectly Matched Pair of a Disease and Its associated Vector?

In the Regulation of Gene Expression, this is an incorrect Statement


During this Phase, the Nuclear Envelope begins to Disappear


This is the Difference between a Nerve and a Neuron


All embryophytes have life cycle with


Which group of algae is known for producing agar?


Reproductive leaves produced at the ends of upright branches in Selaginella are called


Which of the following is not a characteristic of living organisms?


A Nerve Impulse Jumps from one __________ to another During Saltatory Conduction


Which of the following is not necessary for photosynthesis?


Which class of animals is characterized by the presence of feathers and wings?


This Tissue includes the Blood Tissue


What is the precursor to the seed habit in pteridophytes?


Alternation of generation


Excretion is Performed by _______ in Flatworms.


Slimy capsule of bacteria is made by


Plant Cells and animal Cells Differ from Each other in Having ________.


Which of the following is the character of amphibians?


Filaments of Fungi, which Have Thread-Like Appearance are Called


Pick the Right Sequence of Taxonomic Categories


Afferent Neurons Carry Nerve Impulses from


The causative of Tuberculosis produces Tuberculin, it is a/an


Which of these is shelled protozoan?


Which one of the following is necessary for the development of seed?


The Modifiable Risk Factor associated with coronary artery disease is


Which of these increases the growth rate of isolated cells in a test tube?


This is Not the Locomotory organ of Protozoans


Which of the following is a characteristic feature of Kingdom Protista?


Most of the Movement in Roots through Apoplast is Due to


Collagen is


If a Patient with Blood Group B Requires an Immediate Blood Transfusion, this Type can be Given


If at the end of meiosis, each of the four daughter cells has four chromosomes, how many chromosomes were in the mother cell?


In which of the Following Groups Would you place a Plant that Produces Spores, Lacks Seeds and Has Vascular Tissue?


Trypanosoma belongs to which of the Following Group?


In thin slices of cork Robert Hooke noticed.


Most Likely, People Who Perform tough Manual Work can Develop


In Amoeba, Excretion Occurs through


Which part of the flower develops into the fruit?


Ribosomes are Produced and assembled in


Who First used Artificial Hybridization in Fruit Crops?


During which Stage of the Purification of the Sewage Water are Microbes used?


Benefit of Clonal Propagation or Micropropagation is


Nucleus in plant cells was discovered by


What is the Name of the Special Hyphal Tips through which Parasitic Fungi Absorb Nutrients Directly from the Cytoplasm of the Living Host?


Which of the Following is the Main Cause for Goitre?


Pick the incorrect Statement About Fungi


There is a Considerable Decline in the Weight of the Body and Growth Rate Along with the Mental Faculties Getting Impaired. which of these Diseases are associated with the Mentioned Symptoms?


Perigynous Flowers are Found in________.


The Role of Bacteria in the Carbon Cycle is


Amoebiasis is Caused by


The Malignant Tertian Malaria is Caused by


The Longest Primary Transcript is Generated by


Which of the following produces winged fruits ?


Indole-3-Acetic Acid is the Most Common Naturally Occurring Plant Hormone of _______ Class


Which group of protists are commonly known as algae?


In Erythrocytes, the EMP Pathway or Glycolysis Produces Pyruvate which is Metabolized Further to


Vascular Bundles are Closed in Monocots as:


This is How We can Characterize the Secondary Wood of Pinus


What is the main plant body of bryophytes called?


This Part of the Human Brain is Also Known as the Emotional Brain


This System of Classification Was used by Linnaeus


An Immune Response When Provoked by a Nonself Particle is Known as


Today, the Main Test that is used to Diagnose Syphilis is


The points at which crossing over has taken place between homologous chromosomes are called


Compositae is Characterized by which of the Following inflorescences?


What are sporophylls?


Lichens are symbiotic associations between:


The Least Level of Chromosome organization is


Beta Carotene is


Active Uptake of sodium is Promoted by Action of Enzyme Known as


The number of cotyledons present in bean seed is




Rapid Heartbeat, Shortness of Breath, High Body Temperature are the Symptoms of ___________.




All seed plants are


Which of the following types of reproduction is common in brown algae?


During Cellular Respiration, the Carbon Dioxide Produced is


Bacterial Sex Factor is


Factors Leading to an increase in the Risk of Thalassemia Disease


They provide support to the plant body


In Funaria, the antherozoids are


Apis dorsata is used to Refer to


An injury Sustained by the Hypothalamus is Most Likely to interrupt


The function of tRNA is

When the Count of White Blood Cells Drops below the Optimum Level of Blood It is Known as ________?


Which of the following is a characteristic feature of Euglenoids?


Flying mammals are included


The main function of the plasma membrane is to


How are the leaves of gymnosperms adapted to withstand extreme conditions?


What is the male reproductive structure of an angiosperm called?


Difference between Heartwood and Sapwood is that Heartwood


In Selaginella, sporangia are produced


The total chromosome complement of a cell is called


Flagellated Cells, which Line the Spongocoel in Poriferans are Known as


Which of these is not true of Echinodermata?


All the somatic cells of a diploid organism originate from a single cell called


Which of the following is a complete monomeric unit of DNA


The chief characteristic of the succulents is that the bulk of the plant body is composed of


Which of the following are seedless vascular plants?


If the First Cleavage Furrow Divides Zygote Completely into Two, the Cleavage Type is


Which of the following is not true of palmatic acid


In Alcoholism, this Enzyme is Elevated


Ion Carriers are Located in


Which of these is the culture medium for Mycobacterium tuberculosis?


Bacteriophages with Tail are


Phloem is without ___________ in Pteridophytes


Which of the following is non-living character of virus?


Food indigestion is Mainly Caused by


Rennin Acts on


Which of these is shelled protozoan?


The one which is Not Considered as Naturally Occurring Greenhouse Gas is


Aerenchyma and Chlorenchyma are Types of ________.


Which of the Following is Correct?


Common Characteristics of Coelenterates and Sponges are


Reduction of NADP+ to NADPH is Seen in


In Yeast, the Sexual Reproduction is by Conjugation. After Fusion, the Zygotic Nucleus Divides Meiotically and forms Haploid Spores. the Unicellular Structure with Haploid Spores is


An important effect of ethylene is to cause maturation of


Surplus of atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Causes an increase in the Greenhouse Effect as Carbon Dioxide


This Group of Vertebrates Comprises of the Highest Number of Endangered Species


Which of the following is parasite in the intestine man?


In angiosperms, the Functional Megaspore Gives Rise to


At the Producer Level, If 20J of Energy is Trapped, then How Much Energy will be Available to a Peacock as Food in the Subsequent Chain? Plant -> Mice -> Snake -> Peacock


In Mycoplasma, the Elementary Cell Body Performs the Function of


For Tuberculosis, the drugs used to combat it are


Movement of Water through Apoplast Stops at the Level of ________ and Crosses Membrane to Undergo Symplast Till Xylem Cells


What is the name of the small, multicellular, free-living, photosynthetic gametophytes of Pteridophytes?


Which of the Following Medical Conditions are Responsible for Producing incorrect Alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP) Screening Results and indicating a Fetus Has Genetic Defects?


In Yeast, the Sexual Reproduction is by Conjugation. After Fusion, the Zygotic Nucleus Divides Meiotically and forms Haploid Spores. the Unicellular Structure with Haploid Spores is


Which of the following is an example of a viral disease


Which of the following is a unicellular green algae found in fresh water?


This is an anti-Apoptotic Protein


The Region Where the Polio Virus Multiplies in the Body is


This is incorrect About Vitamins


Rapid Heart Rate, Weight Loss, Heat Sensitivity are Most Likely the Symptoms of _________


Meiosis Occurs in the Life Cycle of Rhizopus During_______.


Erythrose 4-Phosphate is a Precursor of which Amino Acid?


At what phase of meiosis are homologous chromosomes separated?


By-Products Generated During the Rectification of Bioethanol is Utilized as


Nucleolus and Endoplasmic Reticulum Start Disappearing at


Which of the following is not a characteristic feature of viruses?


The Respiratory Pigment in Human beings is


A 30-Year Old Female Presents with Fatigue, Fever, Swelling in the Neck area Along with Pain and Difficulty in Swallowing. Upon Diagnosing, Tenderness on Palpation of Thyroid in Elicited. the Lab Reports Showed Elevated Esr, Elevated T4, T3, and Thyroglobulin Levels. the 24hrs Raiu Report is lesser than 5 Per Cent. what is Diagnosed According to the Patient’s Lab Reports?


In which of the Following Living Species, Phytochrome, the Blue-Green Pigment is Found?


Synthesis of Ribosomes in Prokaryotes Occurs in


This cannot be Killed by Apoptosis


Plant Diversification is a Result of


Which of the Following Cells is Immortal?


What is the predominant stage of the life cycle of a moss?


This Drug Along with Alcohol Generates Marked Drowsiness otherwise does Not Produce Sedative Effect


Mostly, the Flesh of the Fruit is Made of ___________.


This Fish Shows dorsal Fin Modified into Suckers


In which of these Conditions can Widen QRS and Tall-Tented T Waves be Observed?


The Causative of the Disease, Polio is


The Disease as a Result of Prolonged Clotting is Due to Lack of Plasma Thromboplastin Component (PTC) Necessary to the formation of Thromboplastin, is


When Chemical Signals are Produced by Entities, It influences the behaviour of other Entities belonging to the same Species. this is Known as


For the Production of Ethanol, the Most Common Substrate used in Distilleries is


Ascaris lumbricoides, commonly is known as


Spirogyra Reproduce Sexually by


Phospholipids are


This Condition of Chronic inflammation of the Thyroid Leading to Under-Activity is


Primitive vascular paints had sporangia at


It is the most abundant carbohydrate in nature


Discoidal and Superficial Cleavages are Types of


Which of the Following organ is formed During Gastrulation?


The Presence of Epiphytic Roots is the Characteristic Feature of_________.


In Which of the following young are born in rudimentary conditions?


Nature of Honey is


Which of the following do not have true leaves?


Which of the Following Hormone can Replace Vernalization?


During Cellular Respiration, the Carbon Dioxide Produced is


Which of these is not true of the egg laying mammals?


Possible Complications of Thalassemia


The labrum in cockroach is attached to the head capsule through the means of


Which of the Following Has the Weakest Bond?


Amoebiasis is Transmitted by


Plant of Cabbage Consumes Phosphorous from


Which of the Following Blood Cells Play an Important Role in Blood Clotting?


The alternation of generation in moss plant is


Nucleus in plant cells was discovered by


Which of these Colours is Least Scattered by Dust, Fog, Smoke?


Neck is Not Found in a Frog. this Absence Helps the Frog to


Which of the following statement is true of Fungi Imperfecti?


This About Periplaneta Americana is incorrect

This is Not a Function of Mitochondria


Humans Have ________ Joint between Sternum and Ribs


The osmotic pressure of pure water is


Find the incorrect Match


Find the incorrect Statement About Plasmids


Which type of plant life cycle is represented by the alga Fucus sp)?


The Food Reserve in Albugo Usually is


For How Long does A Worker bee Live in the Summer?


How does vegetative reproduction occur in mosses?


Chief Cells are Present in


Which of the following is true of acylglycerols


Through Amniocentesis, Foetal Cells can be Tested for Detecting Various Diseases If Foetus by


Nucleoli Were Discovered by


A Phosphoglyceride is Always Composed of


This Amongst the Following Statements is incorrect. Human Spermatozoa Usually


These are the Set of Hormones that the Hypothalamus Produces


The Cycas Has


If All the Puddles and Ponds are Destroyed, the Entities Likely to be Destroyed are


The breakdown of water molecule (photolysis) in photosynthesis occurs during


In Paramecium, Genetic information is Stored in


The plant body of a Pinus is


Which of the Following Enzymes is non-Proteinaceous?


What type of symmetry do animals in the phylum Chordata exhibit?


Mesophyll Tissue of Pinus Needle is Composed of


In Terms of Efficiency, the Most Potent Greenhouse Gas is


This is a Major Macronutrient, Component of Vitamins and Enzymes


This is a Characteristic Feature of Coelenterata


Substances cross the cell membrane more easily when they are


What is the predominant stage in the life cycle of mosses?


The dominant generation in Bryophytes is


The growth in arthropods goes along with this process


The endosperm in Angiosperm is


Which of the following genera exhibits an alternation of generations, with haploid and diploid multicellular phase?


A Network of Microfilaments and Microtubules is Classified as


The term anaerobic means


This About Sponges is True


In Spirogyra, Pyrenoids are Present in


Water potential of a liquid increases when solute concentration


Two Allelic Genes are Situated on


This is an Example of Starch Crops Biomass Feedstocks


Morphologically Endoplasmic Reticulum exists in


Vitamin A is a


The Genes for the Seven Characters Chosen by Mendel are Located on


Ribbon-Shaped Chloroplast is the Characteristic Feature of


The Scientist Who used Nutrient Culture solution in Hydroponic Cultures Was


ATP Synthesis by atP Synthase is Driven by the Movement of


Pick the Correct one


Which of the Following is used in DNA Replication Studies?


The Chamber Common to All the Types of the canal System of Sponges is


The movement of solvent molecules through a semipermeable membrane from a region of low solute concentration to a region of high solute concentration is


This is the Classic ECG Change in MI (Myocardial infarction)


The main effect of auxin is to stimulate


Chlorophyll is a large molecule with a central core of


The Endoplasmic Reticulum in Rapidly Dividing Cells is


This best Describes a Polysome


Which of the Following Has Zygomorphic Flowers?